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700lb/317.5kg Trap Bar Deadlift at 165lbs/74.8kg

4.2x bodyweight, high handles baby please


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43 thoughts on “700lb/317.5kg Trap Bar Deadlift at 165lbs/74.8kg

  1. respect to you sir. Not to make fun, BUT, notice guy in back at 8seconds deadlifting 135 and then checking the phone!!! Compare that to a guy who really knows whats he is doing and what's it about and you understand why people lift with purpose. OK I WAS making fun of #7 in background !!!!!

  2. Alex, If I don't care about trying to progress conventional squat + deadlifts, can I just replace them with hex bar variations? My goal is pretty much to to supplement boxing with weight training

  3. How about a trap bar video about position, how to implement it, foot placement, high handle vs low handle, progression etc?

  4. Bro you literally pulled not only CRAZY weight for your bodyweight, but the same PR with FASTER bar speed, 20 LBS lighter bodyweight… IDGAF what ANYBODY says, you are an animal! Congrats, Alex! 😤💪🏼

  5. damn that is soooooo incredlibe, keep the great work up! you motivated me erryday bro. Make yourself an awesome day! greetings from germany

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