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5 Phrasal Verbs with BLOW! 🌬 Vocabulary Lesson | Practice English

In this lesson, you’ll learn 5 phrasal verbs using the verb BLOW.

Phrasal verbs are groups of words in English, made up of a verb and either one or two particles. A particle can be either a preposition, like ‘up’ or an adverb like ‘together’.

To learn more about phrasal verbs watch this video: where I share my top tips for learning them!

Phrasal verbs are a tricky!!
Often, one phrasal verb can have more than one meaning.
Often they are idiomatic, so the meaning is not obvious.
Not every phrasal verb follows the same rules – some are transitive, some are intransitive, some are separable or inseparable, or both!

But ignoring them is NOT an option, because they are soooo common. They come up in conversation all the time.
You’ll hear me use them in my lessons, all the time!

Read the full transcript of this lesson on my blog here:

Phrasal verbs in this lesson:
– Blow off
– Blow out
– Blow up
– Blow apart
– Blow away

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  1. Emma blew out the candle . I wonder how they put it on Cambridge dictionary like that using your name . I think that you are responsible for updates on this dictionary or you are the owner 😀😀😀

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