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5 BEST Places & Times to Meet Girls! (NOT Bars & Clubs)

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Where do you go to find spicy senoritas in their natural habitat? In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY is going over places (and times!) to meet sassy single ladies which don’t include bars & clubs (everyone’s putting on a show), the workplace (don’t sh!t where you eat), or school (it’s filled with opportunities as you already know). After going through Alpha’s list, did he miss any place? If so, post in the comments.

WHERE & WHEN to Meet Super Sassy Single Senoritas
1. Dating websites — technology allows us to sit in the comfort of our own home, surfing for chicks. You can also take your time and think about what you say as well as you can craft a persona. The best thing is you KNOW these people are single. If she has a ring, don’t be that guy! The best time to contact her is between 6pm – 11pm. Alpha explains the thought process behind this window.
2. Whole Foods, health food stores, or grocery stores— lots and lots of chicks in yoga pants! It is a freakin’ gold mine. You can use food as a lead-in.
3. Yoga, spin, or group fitness classes — men are outnumbered by women.
4. Outdoor festivals, concerts, or events including flea markets — people come out of the woodwork to attend including super sassy single senoritas. They typically travel in packs.
5. Intramural sports teams — singles loves these things. Technology makes it super easy – search google or It’s low pressure, a hang-out, and a party.


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20 thoughts on “5 BEST Places & Times to Meet Girls! (NOT Bars & Clubs)

  1. The park(helps if you got a groovy dog), the beach, six flags, a friend's party, mental health clinics (jk) and the comment section

  2. FUN FACT: Women who wear black yoga pants with nothing covering their backside are indicating that they wanna get fucked in the ass.

  3. theres this girl at the mall but i dont wanna bother wher while shes working any advice or a video on how to talk to a girl while shes at work??

  4. If you are in college, get involved in clubs! As many as your schedule can handle. Possible relationship prospects, friends and networking possibilities. I regret not doing it sooner. And yeah festivals! Going to EDC Orlando very soon and the finest girls will be there.

  5. You missed out the #1 spot for meeting up single ladies that are perfect material for long lasting relationship. CHURCH!

  6. I think it would be cool. If in every video you show us your outfit and where you bought it. Cuz i want that jacket lol

  7. Sooooooo many marriages come from the workplace. Do not take it off the table. There’s many articles citing statistics.

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