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2019 Artistic Worlds, Stuttgart (GER) – Nina DERWAEL (BEL), Uneven Bars All-around final

FIG Official – 49th Artistic Gymnastic Gymnastics World Championships, Stuttgart (Germany), 4-13 October 2019.
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23 thoughts on “2019 Artistic Worlds, Stuttgart (GER) – Nina DERWAEL (BEL), Uneven Bars All-around final

  1. She’s amazing. I’m so happy for her. I hope and pray Aliya Mustafina is in Tokyo and if she is, it’s gonna be a great final…if all goes as expected that is. I give the edge to Aliya though but I’m partial to her and want so bad for her to be the first woman to win 3 consecutive gold medals on a single event. I can admit that I’m partial to her, lol. I really thought Svetlana Khorkina would do it in Athens but it wasn’t to be:(

  2. Damn, so many haters in the comment section. You know, they score the gymnasts in a way it's almost impossible to overscore them. You're jealous and whiny because a gymnast from a small and in your eyes unimportant country like Belgium won, and not your country's gymnast. Derwael deserved the highest score, and facts don't care about your feelings.

  3. The univen barrs is realy good, but her floor.. begin with double tuck.. and vault; yurchenko with 1twist.. so easy. She termine in 5the place!! So many american gymnast are better…

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