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2018 13″ MacBook Pro Review – Nearing Perfection

We’re calling the 2018 13″ Touch Bar MacBook Pro, the best 13″ MacBook ever made, by a long shot. The new Intel i5 quad-core processor, Apple’s custom T2 chip with its many features including Hey Siri, revamped butterfly keyboard and full-speed Thunderbolt 3 ports make it one of the most valuable updates the 13″ MacBook Pro has ever seen.

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2018 13″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar:
2018 15″ MacBook Pro:

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36 thoughts on “2018 13″ MacBook Pro Review – Nearing Perfection

  1. What are your thoughts on the new 2018 13" MacBook Pro?
    Get $75 off a 2018 13" MacBook Pro with Coupon Code APINSIDER by using this link: (LIMITED TIME OFFER)

    2018 15" MacBook Pro:

  2. “Perfection”
    -It has a keyboard that breaks down
    -The screen cable breaks, messing up your whole screen.
    Why can’t these youtubers be honest about Apple? They always promote their crap, they probably get paid for it.

  3. This video and the comments are making me lose brain cells. Are we seriously just pretend that the keyboard hasn't been fucked up, for 3 years?? And Apple's shitty customer services and lack of actions regarding the issue? How Windows laptops are getting just as good if not better than Macbooks? Take a look at Matebook X, Surface laptops or X1 Carbon just to name a few.
    Isn't it weird that only Apple people run into "glitches" on Windows 10? And since when is needing to buy dongles ever been acceptable?? Even if they are faster. I guess you have to justify the purchase of an extremely overpriced laptop somehow. Stop worshipping Apple and sucking Tim Cook's cock, please… You're hurting the whole industry.

  4. Hey there… nice review…
    I'm wondering to get the 13", but… what do you think about working with Lightroom and editing images (from 23MP to 42MP)?

    It will handle?

  5. people who cover macs only usually know nothing about the rest of the market therefor shouldn't be reviewers because they have nothing to compare it to. Every review for a mac in the past 5 years should be "it's a luxury computer that can't game." nothing has changed in a long time idk how these guys make so much money

  6. Hey, got mine today! After returning an iPad Pro 12.9". Question: do I REALLY need 16GB ram? (that was out of stock so I got the 8GB to test, but could swap within 14 days)

  7. Every year we have these videos. Where bloggers explain us the ultimate urgency of buying new apple product. This is 2019. So new nearing perfection is coming and this 2018 mbp 2018 will be called old. One year and already old.

  8. Reason for the short travel butterfly keys is that apple is slowly programing us to be able to type on a flat touchscreen. In the future a mbp is going to be two slab of glass on the inside.

  9. Just becoz you dont afford something doesnt give you the right to talk shit about it. There is a reason why people buy apple products. They are worth it. They provide amazing performnce. They have good customer support. And they are good in both security and protection against bugs and attacks. You can find people still using 8 years old macbooks without any problem. And they are still upgradable . However a windows laptop is just isnt worth the hassle. I have been using an hp laptop for 4 years and it has given me the worst performance ever. Motherboard crashed multiple times. Customer supprt is not good. You'll ultimately spend near to a macbook price anyway. Always remember. Macbook is an investment.

  10. Hi guys 😀

    I need your help. Is is true that the 3rd Gen Butterfly Keyboard is ONLY for the Touch Bar version??

    Meaning that the MBP 2018 base model stays with the 2nd gen keyboard (no silicone membrane) . .

    your answer would really be a big help for me to decide before purchasing 🙂

  11. 10 Reason Why you should not buy this crap's still overpriced
    2.keyboard still sucks and broken
    3.low spec as always
    4.Shit Gpu
    5.Still DDR3 Ram? seriously 😂😂😂
    6.Dongle World
    7.Large Bezel compared to competitors
    8.Lack of features
    9.MacOs starts to fuck up Audio Interface on their updates now
    10.Apple 😂

  12. Came here for shits and giggles because i didn't believe there were good reviews for apple computers but what do you know, the world is full of retards who will show appreciation for just about anything.

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