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2 Guys Walk into a Bar

32 thoughts on “2 Guys Walk into a Bar

  1. Oh my god your videos are, as I normally say and you said, PURE GOLD! I will try to help circulate you guys over other sites. Seriously, absolutely perfect for watching with the guys. I am connected with some of the higher ups on YouTube and will be starting my own gaming channel in late August or early September. I will direct my audience to you guys because i'll be starting up a series (same channel) called "The Best go Unnoticed". I'll keep in contact, you guys are great! Have a good one.

  2. I have shared one of theirs on FB too. And everyone else should as well. It is a win/win. You show you have good taste in comedy, and these dudes get views/ money/ "lol" comments/ $ and.. wait a second…

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