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15 Awesome Tents That Raise the Bar in Camping and Glamping

Are you looking to connect with nature? With today’s awesome tents you can find yourself camping like an explorer or bonafide hippie, or glamping like the Duke or Duchess of England. In this video, I’m going to share with you some traditional, unique, and glamorous tents that will make you feel at one with nature.
15 Awesome Tents That Raise the Bar in Camping and Glamping

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Featured Tents ⭐
15. Generation 3 Expedition Tent


14. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

13. Crazy X


12. ZPacks Duplex Tent


11. North Face Wawona 6

10. Nordisk Alfheim

9. Submarine Tent


8. RhinoWolf 2.0

7. Raclet Solena Trailer Tent


6. Mantis All-In-One Hammock Tent


5. Glampique Furnished Tents


4. Luna Bell Tent


3. Room in Room


2. Nemo Dragonfly 2

1. X-Cover


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48 thoughts on “15 Awesome Tents That Raise the Bar in Camping and Glamping

  1. I was intrigued by the indoor enclosure. Has a bunch of positives for me. If the manufacturer would infuse the fabric with an EMF repelling substance it would add to the value. Just a thought since I am EMF sensitive.

  2. Hi Glen; I was wondering if you or your team have ever come across an one person tent that accommodates a person who is tall? I’m 6’2”, and am looking for a tent where I don’t have to bend down to get out of. I also have a cot that I use….

  3. I like the Raclet Tent Trailer. It looks small enough for a motorcycle or small car to tow. It seems similar to the Time Out Trailer.

  4. Really liked the trailer tent. I towed one that opened like that behind two different motorcycles called a Leesurlite Excel. It’s made in Canada, cost about $5k and weighs 220lbs. They’ve made it for more than ten years. Sturdy and made for people who don’t like sleeping on the ground
    Also like hammocks. I’ve got a Hennessy hammock that comes with a rainfly and has a brilliant bottom entry. Easy setup.

  5. Could you please make a video about doubles camping hammocks? We're a couple with a dog that loves backpacking and hiking.

  6. Too many YouTube ads. After being interrupted so many times I just quit watching. Never did finish the video. Not worth it.

  7. The North Face is also perfect for bikers, cause your bike can go easily into the "porch" area – bike & gear out of the elements in case of rain, can even squeeze in some repairs out of the sun. Lol

  8. Why is " Room in Room" in this video? I was very interested in this product only to find that the item has been discontinued prior to this video being posted. What a disappointment! What a Let-Down, Mind's Eye Design.

  9. Great video, cool products, but… most of them seem way overpriced to gain more than marginal (Early Adopter) market share. In terms of the "4 Ps of Marketing", they need to work on the Price part. Until they do, I will improvise with my own DIY solutions. Happy trails to all.

  10. #15 – Cool, looks like a high quality build.
    #12 – Good for on the go types!
    #11 – Roomy.
    #10 – Very hip!
    #8 – Smart design.
    #5 – "You want it, you carry it!"
    #3 – WTF?
    #2 – Very nice design.
    #1 – Love these vehicle-mounted fold outs, not as prone to bug issues.

    You know, when the MED videos upload, I hit thumbs up and then watch them. They're always well written and presented. I just wish I could hit the lottery so I could go on a spending spree.

    ** You guys should present a January review of the top dozen things from the previous year that made the MED Team's Lottery & Bucket List.
    I'm sure you folks would have fun arguing that one between yourselves.

    Thanks again!

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