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12 Bourbons You Need To Have on Your Bar Cart

In an effort to not turn your living room into a Bourbon Bunker filled to the nines with bottles, we bring you 12(ish) Bourbons to have on your bar cart. This list is made with availability, price, and well-rounded function in mind, so if you don’t see one of your favorites on here, we probably have a reason for it. That being said, selection is subjective, and we would love to hear what you keep on your bar cart!
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24 thoughts on “12 Bourbons You Need To Have on Your Bar Cart

  1. If you come to my house and want to mix my whiskey with anything other than ice then expect Evan Williams black label or bring your own. Fortunately most of my friends that enjoy whiskey don’t defile it by mixing.

  2. No Elijah Craig Barrel Proof? Stunned. IMO it is the best buy in bourbon. $60 at state minimum. A19 simply phenomenal. Not too difficult to find. Are you deliberately ignoring it so it doesn't get McKenna'd? Lol

  3. Nice choices guys. OGD114 is THE BOMB!! It and EW bib are my summer whiskey's. Fall is Eagle Rare and Rittenhouse (prefer RH over Pikesv, go figure). Winter is RareBreed and EC cask strength.

  4. I'm just getting into Bourbon. So far I've gone through Evan Willams, Evan Williams Single Barrel, Elijah Craig Small Batch and am now on Woodward Reserve. So far, Woodward Reserve is my favorite.

  5. Where is the Old Grandad and Makers Mark? Neither one should be left out but I'm also very partial to Wild Turkey too.

  6. I have about a dozen Bourbons on hand but Evan Williams is the one I'm replacing the most often. For the price and quality it's hard to beat IMHO.

  7. Colorado is the promised land for Eagle Rare. Available at 20-30% of liquor stores at retail, and have only really seen claims of 'allocated', no real price gouging.

  8. I only need three, Evan Williams Black to make cocktails with (or drink), Old Grand-Dad 114 to sip (I would've chosen Henry McKenna 10 B.I.B, but it's gotten too pricey), and Elijah Craig Barrel Proof to show off.

  9. Im shocked at the availability issues and amazed by the prices that you guys have compared to in the UK. Wild Turkey 101 for example is about 40 bucks here where as buffalo trace is about 25 and widely available. Larceny is about £65 and makers (which is watered down piss) is about 35, prices make no sense at all here. We get screwed over here.

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