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12 Bar Minor Blues Solo with 4 Easy Licks

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In this lesson I will show you four easy licks that will allow you to play a full 12 bar A minor blues solo.  Pay attention to the space in this solo. That’s on purpose. It’s very important to leave some breathing room, especially in the beginning of a solo. Now, for the next 12 bars in this solo, I would probably start playing with more energy, maybe longer lines and more grit, but it’s important to not always do that from the get go. Building your solo gradually, in terms of energy and the number of notes will usually do a better job of drawing the listener in.

12 Bar Minor Blues Solo with 4 Easy Licks

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16 thoughts on “12 Bar Minor Blues Solo with 4 Easy Licks

  1. Not only a well taught and fundamental opening, but some really excellent advice in regards to capturing the audiences attention. Brilliant Robert!

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