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100% working method to fix ITUNES ERROR on RESTORING/UPDATING – 3gs/4/4s/5 ALL ipad ipod touch

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The procedure is very much the same like all other videos BUT it has a one added solution which is not mentioned in the entire YOUTUBE! which is why people are still getting errors like 3194, 1015 and etc when they try to restore, downgrade any of their iDevices! this will work 1000% on all idevices!

this video has a one unlocking method which most of us never thought of!! to fix those errors which occurs while restoring and updating!

and this will work 1000% on all idevices!

i was updating my iphone 3gs on 6.1.3 but keep getting this shity error! finally found a way myself to overcome it!

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32 thoughts on “100% working method to fix ITUNES ERROR on RESTORING/UPDATING – 3gs/4/4s/5 ALL ipad ipod touch

  1. Can't believe this worked, but it did, take my like.

    For anyone having trouble opening the host file:

    1 – open the windows menu
    2 – type 'Notepad'
    3 – right click and select 'run as administrator'
    4 – click file, open
    5 – go to the same file location shown in this video, or paste this in the location bar to make it easier: C:WindowsSystem32driversetc (press enter)

    6 – click on the host file, make the edits shown in this video, save the file

    And here are the edits so you can copy paste them easily:


  2. hello I hope you can help me, the iPhone 6s with iOS 11.4.1 went out last week and not more. have tried the following: iTunes update, Windows Update, another usb port, other cables, 3 computers tried, firewall and antivir disabled, reboot after trying everything, unfortunately, all without success, there is always error code 6. on the iPhone comes the apple and the loading bar which does not fill because of the error message :(. Do you still have an idea ??

  3. it will only work if you put # front of the 74(# must restart your pc put your fone in to recovery and thats it . 100% works. thanks dude

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