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10 CRAFTING RECIPES You Didn't Know About in Minecraft!

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50 thoughts on “10 CRAFTING RECIPES You Didn't Know About in Minecraft!

  1. 3:02 – "No Mods or Addons at all." Then why was there a download link in the description. When I clicked it, this came up: This creation uses command blocks to enable 9 different custom crafting recipes for blocks or items which normally can’t be crafted. The crafting process works a little bit different as you will be using a dropper instead of a crafting table. But since it uses command blocks it will only work for this world only and you must stay within a certain area to make use of the recipes.

  2. So dumm dieses Rezept das man drei Blöcke Erde und drei Gras Teile braucht damit man ein grasblock bekommt dann nehme ich lieber eine Spitzhacke mit der Verzauberung damit man Sachen abbauen kann die auch so aussehen

  3. "Waw" How insane guys
    These 4,609 comments are baited and we're watching just to see your lousy PR technics
    This time your subs are going to go
    I am hitting the like cos you have scking imagination. But I didn't sub. sad
    Baited? Hit the like down here

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