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🍫 Giant 5 Pound Hershey’s Bar at Hershey World and Then to New Jersey 🍫

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39 thoughts on “🍫 Giant 5 Pound Hershey’s Bar at Hershey World and Then to New Jersey 🍫

  1. Thanks Ken for taking me along to somewhere i probably will never get to see. Thanks to you i can tick that off the list <3

  2. I hope you had a better time than I had staying at the Cherry Hill Days Inn. I just remember my neighbors in the room next to me talking and I could hear them the entire night. Also the uber rates to move you around there are pretty high because of the location of the hotel, it's not easy to get into their or out, so usually your ubers will be calculated based on an uber who has to get onto 30 and get off which adds up. As someone who grew up 5 miles from this in NJ, I feel bad that this is the NJ near Philadelphia that you experienced when it can be 10 times better not so far away. Though does not offer those hotel price deals.

  3. My body got so itchy on one of my cheap hotel stay. The bedding was gross

    need to visit Hershey's !! Does the town smell like chocolate ?

  4. I live an hour from Hershey and love going to Chocolate World. I’m surprised you didn’t make your own chocolate bar, Ken.

  5. I've stayed in budget motels and while generally clean? you still feel dirty and i never really like to trust their beds.

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