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여자친구 예린, 박력 막춤으로 예능 접수 @런닝맨! 150308

47 thoughts on “여자친구 예린, 박력 막춤으로 예능 접수 @런닝맨! 150308

  1. The music of Gfriend makes all people smile really warmly, they are happy with this song.
    So proud of Jung Yerin, love Gfriend❤❤

  2. Yerin's charm,,, she don't care about her image…she really queen of entertainer since debut. I wanna she comeback to beloved Running Man soon

  3. If all gfriend members come to running man, it will be such a big party and I can assure it will be so funny cuz of sinb yerin yuju plus eunha's double chin

  4. I know gfriend starting from here. Being search this girl and this group immediately. Listening to their song until now. N now im being a buddy seen glass bead era. Love them so muchh!!! 💕💕

  5. We want more girl guest like her you enjoying the show without thinking of they image. Since this episode i start to love gfriend.

  6. Waaaaaa somin and yeerrriin! My two favorite!
    Btw Max nasan si Deib, magagalit yun pag nalaman nyang may mga kasama kang lalake haha charot😂

  7. Running man back then is really so funny. i miss the old RM where u can laugh until your stomach ache. You can also hear the staff laughing. That's how fun back then. #IMissOldRM..

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