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木槿花,不是用來看,是用來吃的 Eating Hibiscus Flower



Hibiscus mainly distributes in tropical and subtropical areas. They are all cultivated in central provinces of China.

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24 thoughts on “木槿花,不是用來看,是用來吃的 Eating Hibiscus Flower

  1. The hand axes which are given to your husband will be traded for an acceptable form of reparation in the future. They will work very hard for it. The high fruit advertises itself too much. Honey bees should work for their honey, yes? Someday you will be able to get a worthy trade.

  2. Chinese people remind me of a goat I used to raise he eat anything he skin the tree and eat it he eat the flower he eat the leaves he eat anything he see every time I watch the video I think of my goat

  3. Maa syaa Alloh…Fungsi yg sbnrnya untuk apa y bikin kebun bunga sepatu? Apa ada yg lain selain buat makanan? Klw buat wisata koq sepi2 bae?

  4. الزهار جميلا بيتكم جميل قدم واعراقه واءصالا اتطور المكان ياخوذ العقل الطعام يبدو لذيذ🌼🌼🌼🌼🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸

  5. Olá bom dia! Parabéns pelo vídeo, um momento muito lindo, como Deus é perfeito que nos deu a vida e a natureza bela como tudo que de bom ela tem. Você é linda seu trabalho também. Mostra amor carinho e dedicação. Sou do Brasil. Felicidades a você e a sua família. Bjs

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